What to Expect in a  water loss claim

1. Owner contacts insurance company to report the claim.

2. Phase 1: EMS (emergency service) - 3 to 5 days ($2000 to $ 5000)
Adjuster advises owner to contact drying company to minimize damage
Drying company sets up dehumidifiers and fans and demos non-salvageable building materials
Drying company monitors drying daily and records readings. Pulls equipment when dry
Drying company submits invoice to insurance company/owner for payment

3. Phase 2: Reconstruction -weeks or months depending on size of loss
Contractor and adjuster negotiate scope of work via Xactimate software and come to agreement
Contractor does work
If any unknowns arise contractor submits supplement to adjuster for approval
Owner signs “certificate of satisfaction “upon work completion
Contractor submits COS and final invoice to insurance for payment

Most policies have a 10K mold cap so it’s not always a good idea to mention mold damage as it can cap
claim as opposed to water damage where full limits are available.
The adjuster and insurance company should rely on the contractor’s expertise for a complete scope of
work to make the customer whole. This sometimes needs to be negotiated and modified during
The contractor, adjuster, and owner have to cooperate with each other to confirm damages, events,