Why should I use Code vs. XYZ company?

We understand you have many choices when choosing a contractor. We believe that we offer a higher level of service and quality than our competitors.  We are small enough to care and large enough to get 6 figure projects completed.


Will my rates increase if I file a claim?

No one will  answer this for sure. Logic would tell us that more claims will result in higher premiums.  We don't advocate filing a claim. We will lay out  the facts for you and you decide what's best for you.  As a general rule property damage over $10000 you'll probably want to file a claim .


Why should I allow Code to handle my claim, I trust my insurance company to handle everything?

While insurance companies are well intended, the responsibility falls upon us to prove the claim amount to the insurance company. We do this through detailed estimates and photos as the job progresses.


Why should I use a licensed general contractor when my brother in law can repair my property?

Contracting in Florida requires more than laying tile and swinging a hammer.  We have codes and regulations that we need to follow to ensure properties meet or exceed Florida Building Code. We are licensed and insured general contractors.


I am going to wait and see what the adjuster writes his estimate for before I make and decisions?

The adjuster is hired by the insurance company to measure and take photos and write a basic estimate.  Code works for you and writes a "much more" detailed estimate to repair  your property and provides it to the insurance company for a fair settlement.